December 1st Resolutions

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On November 30, 2017 I realize that 2018 is hammering down on me and while I have completed much this year my personal blog has not been a priority. 

I was part of a terrific group of ladies who wrote for a collaborative blog called Middle Places but its time has passed and we are moving different directions. I have archived some of my favorite posts from that site now that it is gone and will probably add more but have neglected to add new content here.

I would like to fix that in 2018 but I just could not let the year go down with ONLY ONE POST!  

In February 2017 I was diagnosed with steroid-induced diabetes.  I have been struggling with sinus issues ever since dealing with toxic chinese drywall in our home.  Last fall was particularly harsh with a case of walking pneumonia that basically lasted from Thanksgiving to New Years!  I had a brief reprieve during the month of January (thus the last post) before being sideswiped by diabetes (brought on by four rounds of steroids fighting the walking pneumonia), sinus surgery, hospitalized for pancreatitis and finding out I also had the flu and needed thyroid surgery! All of this was from February to May!  The good news is that all that sickness and the potential threat of diabetes motivated me to not only get well but take better care of myself!  

I know exactly what to do to lose weight but unfortunately, I have never been successful in keeping it off.  Eat less… move more… Right?  We all know it but making it happen is something different altogether.  

I have never been a fan of making resolutions for this very same reason…fear of failure.  But since last February I have been food journaling through MyFitnessPal (lmclayton2) whereas of December 1, 2017, I have a 240-day streak going and keeping track of my exercise (or lack thereof) with a Misfit Shine 2 (lmclayton2) activity tracker.  I have lost just over 70lbs and I still have at least 20 more to go but I am not waiting to January 1, 2018 to make that happen. Feel free to friend me through either app as the encouragement makes all the difference!

I have also spent what little spare time I had helping to launch my son’s website: to promote his career as in graphic design, as an illustrator and cartoon artist.

Alas, my health struggles, sidelined my Through The Bible Plan with The Bible Project that I posted about last January.  Somewhere in during all the surgeries I got hopelessly behind but I am planning on picking that back up… right where I left off in the New Year!  The Read Scripture app is great and after my Advent readings this month I am looking forward to finishing what I started… even if it takes more than one year!

Perhaps the year to come is about continuing the race. A life of faith, health and encouragement is not a sprint but a marathon.  Like I said, not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions I am resetting my focus on December 1, 2017 for the days to come. I have been sidelined for a bit this year but the LORD has been working in my life and I cannot wait to see what the next chapter will be! 

Join me!

I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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